Hi, I’m Fabian

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Busy catching up with myself to understand who I’m evolving into.

Some quotes that resonate:


(Busyness becomes a disguise for escape)

Yujun Wang – Concave


(A person has the right to love another, but not to be loved in return. […] And as I suffered so much, my infatuation grew.)

Hiromi Kawakami – The Ten Loves of Nishino, p.8

D’ailleurs, on a toujours quelque chose à fuir. Ne serait-ce que soi-même. La bonne nouvelle, c’est que l’on peut échapper à soi-même. […]. On prend ses cliques et ses claques et on s’en va : le moi est tellement étonné qu’il oublie de jouer les geôliers. On peut se semer comme on sèmerait des poursuivants.

(And indeed, there is always something to flee from. And if it’s just yourself. It’s good to know that you can escape yourself. […] You take your belongings and leave. And the ego is so amazed by it that it forgets to play the prison guard. You can outrun yourself like you outrun a prison guard.)

Amélie Nothomb – Tokyo Fiancée, p. 156

I have been to over 40 countries and lived, worked and studied in seven of them: Germany, Spain, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and Taiwan, where I live now.

My balm-for-the-ego-just-that-you-know-I’m-a-cosmopolitan map: