From folder to CLI and back

Today just a short piece on two very useful productivity boosts.

From folder to CLI

If you regularly navigate in Windows File Explorer and at some point, you want to open Powershell in that particular folder, there is a neat shortcut. Instead of opening a Powershell via Win+R or from the Start Menu and then “cd’ing” into that folder, you can just type “powershell” in the textbox where the folder path is written. Powershell will then open up with that particular path:

In the textbox were the path is written…
… click to select all
Type “powershell” and hit Enter
Powershell will open up in that particular folder

From CLI to folder

The other way round is also possible: If you want to open the File Explorer in the current directory of your Powershell, just type “ii .” and hit Enter:

From the current folder in your Powershell, type “ii .”, hit Enter and…
… Windows Explorer will open in that particular folder.

Neat, isn’t it?

This article was written by Fabian

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