Converting Unicode into Characters in Word

Compared to good old ASCII, the character set of Unicode seems endless. The challenge is of course to find the right character somewhere in Word’s “Insert Symbol” list. There is another way using shortcuts. This is not only more flexible, because you can use characters which are not listed in Word’s “Insert Symbol” dialogue. It is also faster as long as you remember the Unicode character.

  1. Look up the code for the character you want to insert.
  2. In Word, type the code and with the cursor directly behind, press “Alt-X”. The code will be converted into the corresponding character.

For example, if for some reason you want to use the character ⟟ and looked up its code 27DF, you can just type this code in Word and press Alt-X – voilà, converted it is. Oh, and it case insensitive, so it does not matter if you type 27df or 27DF.

This article was written by Fabian

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