Roland TD-17KV(X2): Scroll 10 kits when turning the dial

As an owner of a Roland TD-17 drum kit, you’ll know that turning the dial on your console will allow you to scroll through the available drum kits.

If you are on the latest version 2.01, your drum set will come with 70 pre-installed kits and you’ll be able to store up to 100 in total, so moving from one kit to another can require a lot of “dialing”.

There is a shortcut though: If you press the “Enter” button (marked as “1” in the graphic below) while turning the dial (“2”), you’ll jump 10 kits at once – less time searching, more time for drumming!

Graphic taken from the Roland TD-17KVX2 Owner’s Manual, page 8

This article was written by Fabian

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