Mute Roland FP10/30X piano speakers

When I got my Roland FP30X a year ago, I first played with headphones plugged in to the headphone jack. At some point I wanted to record myself using an audio interface, so I removed the headphones and instead routed the audio via cables from the back of the piano into the audio interface and from there into my computer. My headphones were then plugged in to the audio interface.

So far so good.

But obviously, once you do not have headphones plugged in to the piano, it will switch to speakers. How to mute them?

I googled for a quite a bit and found really funny solutions, for example people putting an adapter into the piano’s headphone jack just to make it “believe” that a headphone is still plugged in.

Well, the solution is in fact much simpler and straightforward, but since a lot of people seem to be unaware of it, I still wanted to document it here:

Just press Roland’s “Function” key in the left control panel and while holding the key down, press the F7 key (the highest F on your keyboard) – when you look closely, it’s actually labelled “Speaker Stand off”.

Voilà – done.

This article was written by Fabian

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